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Transplanting Asiatic #Lilies! #garden #gardening #lily

    It’s a cool Spring day in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A. and we are using the opportunity to transplant Asiatic lilies from a large container to the ground. Cool weather is perfect for planting and transplanting because it causes less stress on the plant. We use an old butcher knife to cut […]

Transplanting Asiatic Lilies how to garden how to plant transplant transplanting how to transplant

4 Benefits of #ContainerGardening! #garden

What is Container Gardening? Container Gardening is growing your favorite plants in a container. Containers come in various sizes so you can grow flowers, perennials, and even small shrubs in a container. If you have plants that multiply quickly, such as Bearded Irises, you can plant the extras in a container. There are many benefits […]

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca how to garden beginner gardener

Free Vinca! how to garden beginner gardener

7 Tips to Get #Free #Vinca #Flowers! #containergardening

We live in Zone 7, which gets very cold in the Winter. We would not expect for tropical plants to survive the Winter, and grow back in the Spring. However, we have perfected our method to encourage tropical plants to survive the cold Winter, and come back in the Spring! We give the tiny Vinca […]

6 Steps to Prepare #Spring #Garden! #gardens #gardening

                      The pics show our Side Garden in late Spring to early Summer. As you may know, it takes some work to get there. The video below shows our Side Garden after a long, cold and snowy Winter. Below the video, we have 6 steps […]

Side Garden (Burgundy Tea Herb, Yellow Lillies, Milkweed Bush, "Sonata in Blue" Bearded Iris, Red Roses, Golden Yarrow) how to garden beginner gardener

Passionate Gardener! how to garden beginner gardener

Watch Our #Gardening Channel on #YouTube! #garden

                    When I was in my early 20s, I loved watching gardening shows on PBS (Public Broadcasting System). The host would visit various gardens and showcase the plants. She slowly walked through the garden paths, stopped to touch the plants, share the names of the plants, […]

Don’t Let #Weeds Over-Winter in Your #Garden! #gardening

It’s late Autumn, but the ground is still warm in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. Hence, it’s not to late to dig up weeds so they don’t over-winter in your garden! Once weeds establish their roots deep into the ground, it’s very difficult to get rid of them. However, we have found a tool […]

Golden Yarrow in Side Garden! how to garden beginner gardener

5 Stunning Bearded #Irises! how to garden beginner gardener

How to #Plant & #Grow #Irises! #iris #flowers

Why Plant Irises? Irises bloom in the spring and they love full sun! Their blooms are unique, with a colorful bloom on top and another bloom hanging at the bottom, hence “bearded” iris. Irises are very easy to maintain. How to Plant Irises The most important aspect of planting irises is they like for their […]

#Irises Stopped Blooming? Here’s Why … #iris #flowers

Our Tinkerbell Irises have stopped blooming, and the reason is because Irises don’t like to be crowded. Irises multiply quickly, and if they get too crowded, they stop blooming. The secret to get them blooming again is to dig them up and divide them, as we demonstrate in the videos below. For beginner gardeners, the […]

"Tinkerbell" Bearded Iris beginner gardener how to garden

5 Stunning Bearded #Irises! how to garden beginner gardener

#Autumn Perfect Time 2 Divide #Irises! #iris #flowers

The cool temperatures of Autumn make it a perfect time to dig up and divide your Irises. Why dig up and divide Irises? if you have noticed that your Irises aren’t blooming as much as they used to, it’s probably because Irises don’t like to be crowded. They multiply quickly, and once they get too […]

3 Steps to #Transplant (Move) a #Plant! #planting #howtoplant

Why Move A Plant? There are many reasons for moving a plant. It may have outgrown it’s location. It may need more or less sun than it receives in it’s current location. Whatever the reason, the degree of difficulty depends on the size of the plant. How to Move A Plant For small plants, such […]

Transplanted Geranium how to garden beginner gardener


4 Ways to Know #Plant Needs Water! #gardeningtips #gardening

How Do You Know When A Plant Needs Water? One of the most important aspects of gardening is knowing when to water your plants. You may have heard the old saying, “plants don’t like wet feet.” It means that plants don’t like their roots to be constantly wet. It’s best to let the soil dry […]

How to #Plant #Flowers in #Container! #containergardening

What are Annuals? Annuals are plants that last for one growing season. If the soil and climate are warm enough throughout the winter, they can grow and bloom year after year. If the temperature drops below freezing, annuals will go dormant or die. In the Mid-Atlantic area, the soil stays warm until late Fall. If […]

Deep Pink Begonias how to garden beginner gardener