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Cistena #Shrub Blooms #Pink #Flowers! #spring #springblossoms

                    Cistena is a large shrub that blooms light pink flowers in early spring. It is a member of the cherry family. Since it is a flowering shrub, we fertilize twice per year with an organic fertilizer Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound, once in early spring […]

Cistena Shrub beginner gardener how to garden

Sedum Autumn Joy how to garden beginner gardener

#Sedum #Autumn Joy Blooms Pretty #Pink #Flowers! #plantforbees

  Sedum Autumn Joy is a large sedum, a succulent plant that blooms pretty pink flowers in the fall. It is very easy to maintain, just remove dead foliage in early spring. When the sedum is young and just planted, fertilize lightly with organic fertilizer, such as Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound. Attract bees to […]

#LowMaintenance #Groundcover with Fuzzy Ears! #perennial

  Lamb’s Ear is an interesting and unique ground cover. It has thick furry leaves, which is why it’s call Lamb’s Ear. Children love to touch Lamb’s ear because it is so unusual for leaves to feel furry! It is very easy to maintain. No pruning is necessary. We fertilize lightly with organic fertilizer Espoma […]

Lamb's Ear how to garden beginner gardener