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#Butterflies Love #Butterfly #Shrub! #pollin8rchat #butterflygardening

  On a sunny fall morning, we noticed a Yellow Tiger Swallowtail feeding on our Butterfly bush. I carefully walked toward him so I could record him. He flew toward the camera which was delightful! Butterfly bush will bring beautiful butterflies to your garden! To learn how to care for Butterfly bush, click here.   […]

Eastern_Tiger_Swallowtail_butterfly [Photo Courtesy: wikipedia.org]

Salmon Geraniums how to garden beginner gardener

Salmon #Geraniums Like Part Sun! #flower #flowers

We have 2 salmon geraniums and they prefer part sun. Our red geraniums can take full sun, but the salmon geraniums do better with part sun. We placed them in front of a large evergreen to screen them from the full sun. For beginner gardeners, geraniums are a good choice. The key is to prune […]

How to Spot #Deer Damage & What to Do! #garden #gardening

  What Does Deer Damage Look Like? We just spotted deer damage on our azalea bush. If you notice branches or leaves with jagged edges, it’s possible you have deer damage. The ends look like they’ve been chewed off. The video below gives a close-up view of deer damage.   What to Do About Deer […]

White Azaleas in Full Bloom! beginner gardener how to garden

Black Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly [Photo Courtesy: cambridgeincolour.com]

How 2 Attract #Butterflies! #pollinators #pollin8rchat #butterflygardening

                      Whenever I am in the mood to see some of God’s most beautiful creatures, I step outside and slowly walk over to our Butterfly (or Buddleia) Bush. Butterflies absolutely love Butter Bush! In our backyard, a  ten foot tall Butterfly bush leans up against […]

3-n-1 Combo of #Sedum #Barberry & #Azaleas! #autumn

Sedum in a small pot is beginning to bloom in the Fall. Combination of azaleas in the background and barberry bush in the foreground, with Sedum Matrona blooming, makes a nice variety of plant colors and textures. Sedum flowers attract bees and butterflies. We have had some deer damage on sedum plants, so if you […]

Combination Sedum, Barberry, Sedum Matrona, Azaleas how to garden beginner gardener