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#Bees Love #Sedum #Pink #Flowers! #plantforbees #succulents

Sedum Matrona plant in full bloom! Very easy to maintain; fertilize once per year with organic fertilizer such as Espoma PT4 4-Pound Plant-Tone Organic 5-3-3 Plant Food, in fall or spring. Beautiful pink blooms. Deep green and burgundy succulent leaves. We love Sedum because they are easy to maintain and provide fantastic fall color! For […]

Sedum in Full Bloom how to garden beginner gardener

Milkweed Shrub how to garden beginner gardener

Save #Monarch #Butterfly! Plant #Milkweed! #butterflies

  Monarch butterflies are attracted to gardens with a milkweed bush. The milkweed bush is a host plant for Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs. The beautiful orange blooms will add bright orange color to your garden! For beginner gardeners, milkweed multiplies rapidly! To keep it in a confined area, pick off the seedpods that […]

#Tropical #Canna Watch! #flowerpower #flowers #flower

  We have waited all summer long for our Cannas to bloom, and finally, in early fall, they are blooming! Tropical Canna plants remind us of the islands, especially Bermuda, which has beautiful flora. Cannas like warm weather and humidity. Believe it or not, they can take cold weather and return the next year. As […]

Tropical Red Canna how to garden beginner gardener

Salmon Geranium how to garden beginner gardener

#Butterfly Eggs Laid on Salmon #Geranium! #butterflygardening

I just watered our Salmon Geraniums and noticed little black eggs on a few leaves. Since the eggs are black, and I’ve seen Black Tiger Swallowtail butterflies in our garden, I assume they are Black tiger Swallowtail butterfly eggs. I will keep an eye on the eggs, and keep this post updated with photos and […]