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#Drought-Tolerant #Vinca is #LowMaintenance! #flower #flowers

    We visited historic Williamsburg, Virginia and discovered a large container of Vinca and Arborvitae (evergreen). Vinca are drought-tolerant plants with glossy leaves and dainty flowers. They are a member of the impatiens family of plants. The miniature evergreen in the container is of a common variety that stays green year-round. Bonus Tip: @SacredGardenPDX […]

Cora Cascade Peach Blush Vinca [Source: www.parkswholesaleplants.com]

White Azaleas how to garden beginner gardener

Fertilize #Azaleas in #Autumn 4 Gorgeous #Spring #Flowers! #fertilizing

    Fall is the perfect time to fertilize azaleas. The cooler temperatures enable to roots to absorb fertilizer without the stress of hot temps. Use a special fertilizer for acid-loving plants such as Espoma HT8 Holly-Tone 4-3-4, 8 Pounds. For beginner gardeners, azaleas can be tempermental. They like the right amount of sun, which […]

#Fertilize #Roses in #Autumn 4 Gorgeous #Spring #Flowers! #fertilizing

    Due to cooler temperatures, it’s a good time to fertilize roses in the fall to prepare for winter. Roots store up nutrients for the plant. The result is beautiful spring blooms! We use a special fertilizer that has the ingredients needed by roses: Espoma RT8 8-Pound Rose-Tone Plant Food For beginner gardener, roses […]

Side Garden (Milkweed, Irises, Roses, Golden Yarrow) how to garden beginner gardener

Snowmound Spirea Blooms Look Like Snow! beginner gardener how to garden

#Autumn Perfect Time to #Fertilize #Shrubs! #fertilizing #howtofertilize

                    Due to cooler temperatures, Fall is the perfect time to fertilize shrubs. Spirea shrubs are very easy to maintain. Snowmound Spirea is a medium-sized shrub that blooms in the Spring. They have small white blooms that look like a layer of snow has fallen on […]