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#Blue #Succulent #Sedum Leaves & #Magenta #Flowers! #autumn

  Stonecrop Sedum! We love sedum plants because they are very easy to maintain; provide beautiful fall blooms, and interesting leaf textures and colors. Stonecrop Sedum has cobalt blue leaves with magenta blooms. The leaves feel good to the touch. If you lightly touch the leaves, they slightly tickle your hand! This is a perfect […]

Stonecrop Sedum how to garden beginner gardener

Fall Landscape (Red Salvia in foreground; Arizona Cypress in background; Table Top Juniper at base of Arizona Cypress) how to garden beginner gardener

6 Reasons to #Plant #Evergreens in #Autumn #Landscape!

Why does your landscape need evergreens? Here are 6 reasons: Evergreens provide structure to your landscape. In the winter, when there are no leaves on deciduous plants, evergreens maintain their foliage and color. They are the “bones” in your landscape. The provide color, texture, and interest year-round. Typically, evergreens grow large and fast. Evergreens fill […]