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4 Reasons to #Grow Big #Vinca #Flowers!

We bought lots of Vinca this season. Our pretty magenta Vinca are planted in a large container with a pink geranium. We have noticed that geraniums don’t do as well when they have to share a container. Vincas are one of our top “maintenance-free” plants! Here are 7 reasons to grow and enjoy Vincas in […]

Big Vinca! how to garden beginner gardener

Red Admiral Butterfly [Photo Courtesy: butterfly.conservation.ie]

#Butterflies Love #Butterfly #Shrub! #butterflygardening

  On a sunny fall morning, we noticed a Yellow Tiger Swallowtail feeding on our Butterfly bush. I carefully walked toward him so I could record him. He flew toward the camera which was delightful! Butterfly bush will bring beautiful butterflies to your garden! To learn how to care for Butterfly bush, click here.   […]

#Bees Love #Barberry #Shrub! #shrubs

  Burgundy Barberry Shrub provides deep burgundy color all year long. During the Winter, it provides color and structure in your landscape. It blooms small yellow flowers in early summer, which attracts honey bees. It has sharp thorns which keep the deer away. Barberry is very easy to maintain. Prune with pruning shears, such as […]

Burgundy Barberry shrub how to garden beginner gardener