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5 Reasons for #Golden Privet #Shrub! #lowmaintenance #shrubs

  The official name for Golden Privet shrub is Ligustrum Vicaryl Golden Privet. It is an unusual name for a shrub but it is a stunning, eye-catching shrub that serves several purposes in your garden or landscape. This unique shrub has golden leaves in Spring that get a little more green as the Summer arrives. It’s […]

Ligustrum Vicaryl Golden Privet Shrub how to garden beginner gardening

Peach Tropical Canna! beginner gardener how to garden

#Tropical #Canna & #Blue Coreopsis #Shrub! #flowers

It’s a late Summer morning and we notice a nice contrast of plants in our Triangle garden … We have tropical Peach Canna, which hasn’t bloomed yet; and a background of Blue Coreopsis shrub. Blue Coreopsis is a low maintenance shrub. Tropical Cannas require more TLC because the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. is not […]