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Yucca #Plant Serves 4 Purposes in #Gardens! #flowers

Our Yucca plant blooms gorgeous white teardrop flowers in late Spring! It is a no maintenance perennial that serves 4 purposes in our landscape! The first purpose is to beautify our landscape, of course! It is an unusual plant because tall spikes grow from a mound of sharp-edged leaves. At the top of the spike […]

Yucca Flowers! beginner gardener how to garden

Zinnia Seedlings beginner gardener how to garden

How to #Grow from #Seeds! #growfromseed #containergardening

      Plants are expensive, so to save money and test our green thumbs, we are growing from seed this spring! We purchased packets of Lupine, Marigolds, and Zinnias at online Burpee Gardening. Lupine is a new plant for us. Lo likes to try new plants, so he spends just a dollar or two […]

7 Tips to Get #Free #Vinca #Flowers! #containergardening

We live in Zone 7, which gets very cold in the Winter. We would not expect for tropical plants to survive the Winter, and grow back in the Spring. However, we have perfected our method to encourage tropical plants to survive the cold Winter, and come back in the Spring! We give the tiny Vinca […]

Free Vinca! how to garden beginner gardener