3 Reasons #Pink #Begonias Make U Smile! #flowers #flowerpower

Light Pink Begoniasdeep_pink_begonias










Try looking at this big round ball of Pink Begonias and not smiling! Pink Begonias are a big round ball of joy! We planted 2 begonias in 1 pot, which is why the blooms are so full. Three reasons to grow begonias in your garden are:

  1. Begonias are very easy to grow and maintain. The flowers drop off by themselves, so it isn’t necessary to prune.
  2. Begonia leaves retain water, so it isn’t necessary to water very often. To determine how often to water plants, click here.
  3. Begonias don’t need much fertilizer. During the growing season, fertilize with an organic fertilizer every few weeks.

For planting instructions, click here. For fertilizing instructions, click here.

See more of our pink begonias in various shades and leaf colors!

For the beginner gardener, begonias are one of the easiest flowers to grow! They key is the right amount of sun; not too much, not too little. A few hours of morning sun is perfect! To see 5 Stunning Begonias, click here. Check your local Home Depot, Lowes or online Burpee Gardening for their selection of Begonias! To see more low maintenance plants, watch our Low Maintenance Gardening playlist on YouTube! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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