4 Reasons to #Grow Big #Vinca #Flowers!

Magenta Vinca Blooming! how to garden beginner gardener
Magenta Vinca Blooming!

We bought lots of Vinca this season. Our pretty magenta Vinca are planted in a large container with a pink geranium. We have noticed that geraniums don’t do as well when they have to share a container. Vincas are one of our top “maintenance-free” plants! Here are 7 reasons to grow and enjoy Vincas in your garden:

  1. Vincas are drought-tolerant, so they don’t require much water. When the leaves begin to shrivel, the plan needs water.
  2. Vincas do not require fertilizer. However, if you like to apply fertilizer, use an organic fertilizer such as Espoma PT4 4-Pound Plant-Tone Organic 5-3-3 Plant Food.
  3. Vincas do not require pruning. The spent blooms fall off by themselves.
  4. Vincas do well in sun, part-sun and shade! If they get too much sun, the leaves will fade.
  5. Vincas are deer resistant, which is a huge relief if you have deer snacking on your flowers every night.
  6. Vincas are fungus resistant.
  7. Vincas are insect resistant.

For beginner gardeners, Vinca are an excellent choice! We haven’t had any problems with deer, rabbits, or insects. They are truly maintenance-free blooms!

Check your local Home Depot, Lowes or online Burpee Gardening for their selection of Vincas! To see more low maintenance plants, watch our Low Maintenance Gardening playlist on YouTube! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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