#Blizzard2016! #Jonas2016 #Snowzilla #TheWinterAwakens

#Blizzard2016! beginner gardener how to garden



We are in the midst of a Winter Blizzard in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.! We have 16 inches of snow on the ground and we are expecting 12 more inches! The weather forecasters predicted 40 to 60 mph winds, which would guarantee massive power outages. Fortunately, the winds have not materialized yet, so we still have power. A pleasant surprise is neighbors are helping neighbors. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the daily routines of life, that we forget to look outward and help others. What a heartwarming feeling to look outside and see our neighbors helping one another!


#Blizzard2016! #Jonas2016 #JonasBlizzard #thewinterawakens beginner gardener how to garden
#Blizzard2016! #Jonas2016 #JonasBlizzard #thewinterawakens




We are being very careful about shoveling and not overextending ourselves. Shoveling snow can be a major cause of heart attacks, so we work a little bit, then rest. For those of us over 50, it is extremely important to protect our health! If there is an emergency, it is virtually impossible for the emergency vehicles to get to our home. Therefore, we are drinking lots of water, eating healthy, minimizing alcohol consumption, and most important, taking breaks. We will continue to update this post as we make our way through the Blizzard of 2016!


Learn how to protect your landscape from damaging snow by clicking here. Check your local Home Depot or eBay for supplies such as shovels, salt, gravel, and snowblowers. To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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