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Lupine Seedlings beginner gardener how to garden
Lupine Seedlings




Plants are expensive, so to save money and test our green thumbs, we are growing from seed this spring! We purchased packets of Lupine, Marigolds, and Zinnias at online Burpee Gardening. Lupine is a new plant for us. Lo likes to try new plants, so he spends just a dollar or two to experiment. Lupine reminds me of Snapdragons. They grow to 36 inches tall and can take full sun to partial shade. Full sun to partial shade gives you lots of options regarding placement of Lupine in your garden.

Lupine [Photo Courtesy:]
Lupine [Photo Courtesy:]




We transplanted 4 seedlings to a large container and placed the container in part shade. As you will from the below video, they are doing very well!

We planted 4 Lupine seedlings in a container and placed the container in a full sun location. The seedlings are growing and have formed a bud! We will keep track of it’s progress and can’t wait to see Lupine blooms!


Zinnias were my maternal grandmother’s favorite flower. Lo experimented with a few Zinnia seeds a few years ago and up grew a bounty of Zinnias! They like full sun and can take hot weather, as long as they stay hydrated. They only problem with Zinnias is they are susceptible to powdery mildew. For our organic solution to powdery mildew, click here.

Zinnia Seedlings beginner gardener how to garden
Zinnia Seedlings


It’s been 7 weeks from seeds to blooms! As you will see in the below video, our Zinnias a just about to bloom!

Marigolds are an old standby plant. Lo loves Marigolds and especially yellow Marigolds. Unfortunately, the rabbits also love Marigolds! We always notice the Cabbage White butterflies flitting around Marigolds. Marigolds like full sun, and they can take the heat of a hot Summer.

Marigolds [Photo Courtesy:] beginner gardener how to garden
Marigolds [Photo Courtesy:]

After your seeds have sprouted and grown to at least one inch tall, it’s time to give them a light feeding. We use organic fertilizer Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound.

The seedlings are now 5 weeks old and about to bloom! We fertilized the seedlings twice, which has resulted in healthy seedlings!

It’s late Summer and we are happy about our large Marigold and it’s bright orange blooms! The 4 steps to grow Marigolds from seed are:

  1. Sow seeds
  2. Water seeds
  3. Fertilize seedlings
  4. Transplant seedlings

For an excellent selection of seeds, visit online Burpee Gardening! To learn more about Container Gardening, view our playlist on YouTube! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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