5 Reasons to #Grow Tiger #Lilies! #flowers #flower

Heirloom Garden: Tiger Lilies beginner gardener how to garden
Heirloom Garden: Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lilies are among our favorite flowers. The big orange flowers brighten any garden! Here are 5 reasons to grow Tiger Lilies:

  1. They are very easy to grow.
  2. They multiply on their own.
  3. After they bloom there is no need to prune.
  4. They require very little maintenance.
  5. They provide a bright orange color in your garden!

Tiger Lilies like full sun to part sun. They are happy if they receive 4 or more hours of sun per day. If the leaves begin to fade, or get a little yellow, then they need water. They don’t need to be fertilized or pruned.


Check with your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, online Burpee Gardening, or eBay for their selection of lilies! To see more low maintenance plants, watch our Low Maintenance Gardening playlist on YouTube! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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