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#orangeflowersarethebest We borrowed this hashtag from The Houseplant Guru after they admired our orange flowers on Twitter. We have lots of orange flowers in our garden! The top left photo is an orange Canna, which is a tropical plant that loves sun and water. Believe it or not, Tropical Cannas will grow in the Mid-Atlantic area, and return year after year. The leaves are large and leathery, and their blooms are bright and stunning! For more photos and videos of our Tropical Canna, click here. For 5 Tips to get your Tropical Canna to return year after year, click here.

Tropical Canna
Tropical Canna

The top right photo showcases orange Asiatic Lilies. Asiatic Lilies are one of the easiest perennials to grow and care for. Even though we fertilize them once per year, they really don’t require fertilizer. The also are self-pruning because the lily blooms fall off by themselves. Unfortunately, the deer and rabbits also love lilies, so you must spray them with a deer repellent such as Bobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer Repellent, 32-Ounce, on a regular basis. For our newsletter on the Top 5 Maintenance-Free Perennials, click here.

Asiatic Lilies (Orange) beginner gardener how to garden
Asiatic Lilies (Orange)


The bottom left photo is an orange Tiger Lily. It is one of the easiest, low maintenance perennials to grow. They bloom large, gorgeous flowers every Spring! To learn more about growing Tiger Lilies, click here.

Tiger Lilies beginner gardener how to garden
Tiger Lilies

The bottom right photo is Milkweed, which is the host plant for the Monarch butterfly. We love butterflies, so we try to maintain a garden that provides essential nutrients to butterflies. Milkweed multiplies quickly, so we cut off the seed pods when they sprout at the end each summer. Milkweed blooms orange clusters of flowers all summer, which is a colorful addition to our garden.

Milkweed Bush
Milkweed Bush

For more information and videos on Milkweed, click here.  For our newsletter on attracting butterflies to your garden, click here.

For beginner gardeners, the key to beautiful blooms is to give the plant what it wants. In other words,if the plant likes full sun, place it in a location that receives 6 or more hours of sun per day. The second most important key is watering the plant when needed. To learn when to water plants, click here.

Check your local Home Depot, Lowes, online Burpee Gardening or eBay for their selection of Tropical Canna, Asiatic Lilies, Tiger Lilies and Milkweed Bush! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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