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A Perfect Red Rose! how to garden beginner gardener
A Perfect Red Rose!

It’s early Summer in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. It was a very hot day today, and while watering a few plants that looked thirsty, I noticed a perfect Red Rose! Our rose bush is large and producing continuous blooms this Summer. We believe the rains have helped. Scroll below for 3 Steps to a Perfect Red Rose!

3 Steps to a Perfect Red Rose:

  1. Pick the perfect location to plant your rose bush. The location must receive 5 – 6 hours of full sun per day.
  2. Be sure to keep your rose bush hydrated. if the leaves begin to fade or look dry, the plant needs water. To learn 4 ways to know when a plant needs water, click here.
  3. The secret ingredient to excellent roses is organic lime fertilizer such as Espoma Organic Lightning Lime Fertilizer, 30 lb. We add lime to the soil in early Spring. After each cycle of blooms, we continue to add lime to the soil through the Summer.

To learn more about fertilizing and pruning roses , click here. Check your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, online Burpee Gardening, or eBay for their selection of Roses! For beginner gardeners, roses can present a challenge … follow our gardening tips on fertilizing roses and pruning roses, and keep us posted!

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