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Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca

We have a huge container of violet Petunias that return every year! We also have a gorgeous white Vinca that returned from last year! About 2 weeks ago, we transplanted 3 Zinnia seedlings to the container, and they are doing very well! We are looking forward to the Zinnia blooms very soon!

It took about 9 weeks to get big Zinnia blooms!

For beginner gardeners, growing plants from seeds requires a little more daily time and attention. For the first 7 days after sowing seeds, you must make sure the soil is moist. After the seeds sprout, you must make sure the seedlings stay hydrated. Once the seedlings begin to crowd one another, you must transplant the seedlings into a larger container or the ground, which gives them more room to grow.

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