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Why #Prune #Flowers? #flowerpower #flower #pruning

Removing old blooms will help annuals bloom continuously. Dead blooms steal nutrients from the plant, so pruning or deadheading, will keep the plant healthy and productive. Use a gardening tool, such as pruning shears (Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears (9109)), to remove the old blooms. Be sure to clean the pruning shears before starting, and […]

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Why #Fertilize #Flowers? #flowerpower #fertilizing #flower

Why Do Annuals Need Fertilizer? Annuals are plants/flowers that last one growing season. It takes alot of plant energy for flowers to bloom, and fertilizer provides a boost of nutrients needed by annuals. It is important to fertilize annuals on a consistent basis so that your annuals will bloom continuously. What Type of Fertilizer? We […]

How to #Plant #Flowers in #Container! #containergardening

What are Annuals? Annuals are plants that last for one growing season. If the soil and climate are warm enough throughout the winter, they can grow and bloom year after year. If the temperature drops below freezing, annuals will go dormant or die. In the Mid-Atlantic area, the soil stays warm until late Fall. If […]

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