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Nellie Stevens #Holly Ready 4 #Holidays! #holidayseason

  Our huge Nellie Stevens Holly is ready for the holidays! It’s sporting bright red berries and is standing 18 feet tall and 10 feet wide. We planted the holly about 10 yrs ago and it has grown fast and furious ever since! Hollies are broadleaf evergreens. They maintain their leaves throughout the year, so […]

Nellie Stevens Holly in Autumn how to garden beginner gardener

Red Berries Shrub how to garden beginner gardener

Winterberry #Shrub Adds Stunning Color! #autumn #landscape

    We are at the Massanutten Resort in Harrisonburg, Virginia. As we take a walk on a sunny but chilly afternoon, we notice a shrub with bright red berries! It looks similar to our Barberry shrubs, but it has no thorns and no leaves. If anyone knows the name of this shrub, please let […]

4 Ways Golden Barberry #Shrub Improves #Autumn #Landscape! #shrubs

  Golden Barberry Shrub is a very low maintenance shrub that has many uses in your landscape. Here are 4 ways Golden Barberry shrub can improve your landscape: If you would like to create a natural fence along your property line, Golden Barberry shrub is a good choice. It provides color year-round, and it has […]

Golden Barberry Shrub in Late Autumn how to garden beginner gardener

Pyracantha Teton how to garden beginner gardener

5 Reasons 2 Grow #Pyracantha Teton! #autumn #shrubs

  Pyracantha Teton is a thorny shrub that grows upright and dense. Here are 5 reasons to grow Pyracantha Teton in your garden: (1) Pyracantha Teton adds bright orange color to your Autumn garden. (2) If you would like to create a natural border, Pyracantha Teton has is a perfect choice! It has thorns which […]