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Red-Bellied #Woodpecker Woke Me Up This Morning! #birds

      Although the calendar says Spring is still weeks away, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker woke me up this morning. The steady pecking lasts about 7 seconds each time in the distance. We believe the same Red-Bellied Woodpecker comes back to our garden every year! One year, he pecked a hole in our deck railing. […]

Red-Bellied Woodpecker [Photo Courtesy: www.public-domain-image.com] how to garden beginner gardeners

Pyracantha Teton how to garden beginner gardener

5 Reasons 2 Grow #Pyracantha Teton! #autumn #shrubs

  Pyracantha Teton is a thorny shrub that grows upright and dense. Here are 5 reasons to grow Pyracantha Teton in your garden: (1) Pyracantha Teton adds bright orange color to your Autumn garden. (2) If you would like to create a natural border, Pyracantha Teton has is a perfect choice! It has thorns which […]

5 Ways to Let #Nature Absorb Your #Stress … #stressrelief

Release Your Stress Into Nature Gardening is like going outside to play! Create a gardening oasis wherever you live. Even if it’s one potted plant. Step outside, take a deep breath or two, be silent, and focus on the nature surrounding you. Focus on everything from the huge majestic trees to the small potted plant. […]

Let Nature Absorb Your Stress how to garden beginner gardener