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#Prune Non-Flowering #Shrubs in Early #Spring! #howtoprune

    Early Spring is an excellent time to prune non-flowering shrubs and evergreens! Our Front Sidewalk Garden showcases a green and yellow Euonymus shrub, which provides color all year long. The leaves are glossy and showy. It requires very little maintenance; just prune with quality pruning shears such as Fiskars 25-33 Inch Power-Lever Extendable […]

It's Time to Prune! how to garden beginner gardener

Red Berries Shrub how to garden beginner gardener

Winterberry #Shrub Adds Stunning Color! #autumn #landscape

    We are at the Massanutten Resort in Harrisonburg, Virginia. As we take a walk on a sunny but chilly afternoon, we notice a shrub with bright red berries! It looks similar to our Barberry shrubs, but it has no thorns and no leaves. If anyone knows the name of this shrub, please let […]

3 Ways to Prepare #Flowering #Shrubs for #Winter! #shrub

                    Neon Spirea has beautiful magenta blooms. The shrub is very easy to maintain and blooms all spring and summer. In the Autumn, the leaves turn gold, which is a nice accent color for your Autumn landscape!                   […]

Snowmound Spirea Blooms Look Like Snow! beginner gardener how to garden