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4 Huge Hanging Baskets! #container #containergarden

        During a visit to the Tidewater area of Virginia, we noticed 4 huge hanging baskets at a restaurant near our Hampton Inn hotel. When we take our after-breakfast walk, we usually encounter lovely displays of flowers, evergreens, and trees! The first hanging basket contains a profusion of yellow flowers that look […]

Huge Hanging Baskets/Container Gardens how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening container gardener container gardening

Grow Lilies in Containers how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening lily lilies containergarden containergardening

Grow #Lilies in #Containers! #containergardening #containergarden

        Several years ago, we planted one Asiatic Lily in this large barrel container. Now, we have a container full of Asiatic Lilies because they quickly multiply on their own! As the container became more crowded, we noticed that the Lilies stopped blooming. Our solution was to create more space in the […]

4 Benefits of #ContainerGardening! #garden

What is Container Gardening? Container Gardening is growing your favorite plants in a container. Containers come in various sizes so you can grow flowers, perennials, and even small shrubs in a container. If you have plants that multiply quickly, such as Bearded Irises, you can plant the extras in a container. There are many benefits […]

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca how to garden beginner gardener

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca how to garden beginner gardener

#ContainerGardening! #petunia #vinca #zinnia #flowers

We have a huge container of violet Petunias that return every year! We also have a gorgeous white Vinca that returned from last year! About 2 weeks ago, we transplanted 3 Zinnia seedlings to the container, and they are doing very well! We are looking forward to the Zinnia blooms very soon! It took about […]

How to #Grow from #Seeds! #growfromseed #containergardening

      Plants are expensive, so to save money and test our green thumbs, we are growing from seed this spring! We purchased packets of Lupine, Marigolds, and Zinnias at online Burpee Gardening. Lupine is a new plant for us. Lo likes to try new plants, so he spends just a dollar or two […]

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Deep Pink Begonias how to garden beginner gardener

How to #Plant #Flowers in #Container! #containergardening

What are Annuals? Annuals are plants that last for one growing season. If the soil and climate are warm enough throughout the winter, they can grow and bloom year after year. If the temperature drops below freezing, annuals will go dormant or die. In the Mid-Atlantic area, the soil stays warm until late Fall. If […]