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6 Reasons to Grow Golden Globe Arborvitae! #evergreens

  One of the most engaging evergreens is Golden Globe Arborvitae! Why? Golden Glove Arborvitae mesmerizes you with it’s golden-tinged, feathery leaves. Touch the leaves and reduce stress! Golden Arborvitae has a 3-dimensional look because the branches and leaves appear to be layered. Gaze deeply into Golden Arborvitae, and you will feel like you are […]

Golden Globe Arborvitae Evergreen how to garden beginner gardener

#Blizzard2016! #Jonas2016 #JonasBlizzard #thewinterawakens beginner gardener how to garden

#Blizzard2016! #Jonas2016 #Snowzilla #TheWinterAwakens

    We are in the midst of a Winter Blizzard in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.! We have 16 inches of snow on the ground and we are expecting 12 more inches! The weather forecasters predicted 40 to 60 mph winds, which would guarantee massive power outages. Fortunately, the winds have not materialized […]

#Evergreens Add Structure/Beauty to #Winter #Landscape!

                    When deciduous trees have lost their leaves, what provides beauty and consistency in your Winter landscape? Evergreens! The 20 foot tall evergreen in the background is an Arizona Cypress. It turns a beautiful blue in the Autumn, as you can see in the following photo. […]

Winter Wonderland! how to garden beginner gardener

Winter Wonderland! how to garden beginner gardener

Protect #Evergreens – Knock Off Heavy #Snow! #landscape #snowscape

    A fresh blanket of snow has fallen and our evergreens are drooping. Heavy snow can break evergreen branches, so we need to knock off some of the heavy snow. Lo is using a tree loper to knock off the snow.  If you notice evergreens that are bent or crooked, it’s because the homeowner […]

6 Reasons to #Plant #Evergreens in #Autumn #Landscape!

Why does your landscape need evergreens? Here are 6 reasons: Evergreens provide structure to your landscape. In the winter, when there are no leaves on deciduous plants, evergreens maintain their foliage and color. They are the “bones” in your landscape. The provide color, texture, and interest year-round. Typically, evergreens grow large and fast. Evergreens fill […]

Fall Landscape (Red Salvia in foreground; Arizona Cypress in background; Table Top Juniper at base of Arizona Cypress) how to garden beginner gardener