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3 Ways to Prepare #Flowering #Shrubs for #Winter! #shrub

                    Neon Spirea has beautiful magenta blooms. The shrub is very easy to maintain and blooms all spring and summer. In the Autumn, the leaves turn gold, which is a nice accent color for your Autumn landscape!                   […]

Snowmound Spirea Blooms Look Like Snow! beginner gardener how to garden

White Azaleas how to garden beginner gardener

Fertilize #Azaleas in #Autumn 4 Gorgeous #Spring #Flowers! #fertilizing

    Fall is the perfect time to fertilize azaleas. The cooler temperatures enable to roots to absorb fertilizer without the stress of hot temps. Use a special fertilizer for acid-loving plants such as Espoma HT8 Holly-Tone 4-3-4, 8 Pounds. For beginner gardeners, azaleas can be tempermental. They like the right amount of sun, which […]

Why #Fertilize & #Prune #Roses? #pruning #fertilizing #rose

  The two most important things you can do to produce beautiful rose blooms is to fertilize and prune regularly! Roses are heavy feeders, and they require certain nutrients, such as lime. We have had excellent success with an organic rose fertilizer (Espoma RT18 Rose Tone, 18-Pound). Dead blooms steal nutrients from your roses, so […]

Side Garden (Milkweed, Irises, Roses, Golden Yarrow) how to garden beginner gardener