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Variegated Bishop’s Goutweed #Groundcover! #garden #gardening

    One of the most durable plants we have in our garden/landscape is Variegated Bishop’s Goutweed Groundcover. Variegated Bishop’s Goutweed can withstand very cold and hot temperatures. Variegated Bishop’s Goutweed is animal resistant (deer, rabbits, voles, gophers, groundhogs). Once Variegated Bishop’s Goutweed is planted, it is very difficult to remove because the roots run […]

Variegated Bishop's Goutweed Groundcover how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening

White Asiatic Lilies Blooming in Early Summer! beginner gardener how to garden

#Garden of #Perennials Minimizes Work Time Expense! #gardens

        When we turn the corner and walk down the hill, our Side Garden stands up and greets us everyday! It is full of low maintenance perennials that return every year. We don’t have to buy and plant new flowers, shrubs and vines. We just remove dead growth in early Spring, prune […]

Why #Prune #Liriope in Early #Spring? #pruning #howtoprune

    Variegated Liriope is a perennial groundcover that provides interest year round. The spike leaves are light green and white in color. We have Variegated Liriope in our Front Sidewalk Garden. Why cut back Liriope in early Spring? It forces fresh, new growth! For beginner gardeners, Liriope is an excellent choice! It is a […]

Liriope how to garden beginner gardener

Lamb's Ear how to garden beginner gardener

#LowMaintenance #Groundcover with Fuzzy Ears! #perennial

  Lamb’s Ear is an interesting and unique ground cover. It has thick furry leaves, which is why it’s call Lamb’s Ear. Children love to touch Lamb’s ear because it is so unusual for leaves to feel furry! It is very easy to maintain. No pruning is necessary. We fertilize lightly with organic fertilizer Espoma […]