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Will Japanese Cherry #Tree Buds Survive #Snow Blizzard? #trees

    It’s late Winter and a Nor’easter snow blizzard is on the way up the East Coast of the U.S.A.! Our Japanese Cherry Tree buds are forming and we hope the buds survive the blizzard! Japanese Cherry Trees are very hardy, so we believe the cherry blossoms will be delayed but they will survive […]

Japanese Cherry Tree Buds how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening

Cistena Shrub in Full Bloom! how to garden beginner gardener

6 Reasons to #Grow #Cistena #Shrub! #pinkflowers

                    Cistena is a large shrub that blooms light pink flowers in early spring. It is a member of the cherry family. Since it is a flowering shrub, we fertilize twice per year with an organic fertilizer Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound, once in early spring […]