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Transplanting Asiatic #Lilies! #garden #gardening #lily

    It’s a cool Spring day in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A. and we are using the opportunity to transplant Asiatic lilies from a large container to the ground. Cool weather is perfect for planting and transplanting because it causes less stress on the plant. We use an old butcher knife to cut […]

Transplanting Asiatic Lilies how to garden how to plant transplant transplanting how to transplant

Transplanted Geranium how to garden beginner gardener

3 Steps to #Transplant (Move) a #Plant! #planting #howtoplant

Why Move A Plant? There are many reasons for moving a plant. It may have outgrown it’s location. It may need more or less sun than it receives in it’s current location. Whatever the reason, the degree of difficulty depends on the size of the plant. How to Move A Plant For small plants, such […]