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Pretty in #Pink! #flowers

      We have lots of “Pretty in Pink” in our garden! The top left photo is a pot of pink impatiens. Impatiens like shade, so if you have a shady spot in your garden, they are perfect! For more information, photos, and videos on impatiens, click here.   The top right photo is […]

Pretty in Pink! how to garden beginner gardener

Red Maple Tree in Autumn how to garden beginner gardener

#Autumn #Landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.A.! #trees #shrubs

      When the temperatures cool down, it’s a welcome respite from the long, hot Summer! Autumn is our favorite season! The trees and shrubs begin to change colors. Nature gives us a free show of colors, textures and berries!     Autumn ushers in a kaleidoscope of colors, such as red, yellow, burgundy, […]

5 #Secrets to Gorgeous #Autumn #Mums! #chrysanthemum #flowers

                    What are the 5 Secrets to Beautiful Fall Blooms? Secret #1 – By mid-summer, you will notice your mums starting to form flower buds. That’s when you know it’s time to prune. If you cut the mums back by the 4th of July weekend, it […]

Magenta Mum in Full Bloom how to garden beginner gardener

Magenta Mum in Full Bloom how to garden beginner gardener

#Magenta #Mum #Flowers! #autumn #chrysanthemum #flower

    It’s Fall in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. We have been eagerly awaiting the beautiful chrysanthemum blooms. During mid-Summer, we posted a video on pruning this mum to force fall blooms, and now we are about to get our wish. Take a peek below … The following video shows the Magenta Mum […]