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Orange #Flowers on #SpringParade! #flower #garden #gardening

        It’s late Spring in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A., and it’s time for our orange flowers to march in the Spring Parade! First up is Orange Asiatic Lilies!   To learn more about growing Asiatic Lilies click here. Our second late Spring bloomer in the Orange Flowers Spring Parade is […]

Tiger Lilies on Spring Parade! spring springparade flower flowers tigerlily tigerlilies lily lilies orange orangeflowers

Peach Tropical Canna! beginner gardener how to garden

#Tropical #Peach #Canna #Flowers! #flower #flowerpower

      We have waited all summer long for our Cannas to bloom, and finally, in early fall, they are blooming! Tropical Canna plants remind us of the islands, especially Bermuda, which has beautiful flora. Cannas like warm weather and humidity. Believe it or not, they can take cold weather and return the next […]