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Maintenance-Free Daffodil #Flowers! #garden #gardening

  If you are a beginner gardener or master gardener, and you are looking for the absolute easiest flower to grow and care for, Daffodils are the perfect choice! In Autumn, plant the bulb 6 inches deep into the ground, pointy side up. Cover with soil and apply water. That’s it! What you get in […]

Maintenance-Free Daffodil Flowers! how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening

White Asiatic Lilies Blooming in Early Summer! beginner gardener how to garden

#Garden of #Perennials Minimizes Work Time Expense! #gardens

        When we turn the corner and walk down the hill, our Side Garden stands up and greets us everyday! It is full of low maintenance perennials that return every year. We don’t have to buy and plant new flowers, shrubs and vines. We just remove dead growth in early Spring, prune […]

10 Reasons to #Grow #Liriope! #lowmaintenance #perennial

      It’s late Summer in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A. and our Liriope is blooming gorgeous purple flowers! Liriope is a perennial that is extremely easy to maintain. Liriope is a very interesting plant because it has variegated leaves (green and white stripes) as a backdrop to the deep purple spikes of […]

Variegated Liriope how to garden beginner gardener

A Perfect Day Lily! how to garden beginner gardener

3 Steps to a Perfect Day #Lily! #yellow #pink #flowers

Take a look at our gorgeous Day Lilies! A beautiful pink and yellow bloom has just unfolded and we are ecstatic! They are extremely easy to grow and maintain. They bloom every year, and we do very little to care for them. We just make sure that they are watered if the leaves begin to […]

6 Steps to Design a #Garden! #gardendesign

        When we turn the corner and walk down the hill, our Side Garden stands up and greets us everyday! I have always loved Side Gardens. When I was growing up, my parents had a Side Garden of Irises, Lilies, Roses, and Azaleas. Side Gardens are typically not as visible from inside […]

Side Garden (Golden Yarrow) how to garden beginner gardener

Golden Yarrow beginner gardener how to garden

5 #GardeningTips to #Grow Golden Yarrow! #flowers

    Golden Yarrow is one of our favorite perennials! It occupies the center of our Side Garden. It grows to about 3 feet tall and just as wide. The blooms are unique because they are flat across the top. The leaves are feathery, similar to ferns. Following are 5 tips to grow Golden Yarrow: […]

8 Reasons to #Grow Neon Spirea in Your #Garden & #Landscape!

    Neon Spirea is our favorite easy-maintenance flowering shrub! It is extremely easy to maintain and it blooms beautiful magenta flowers consistently throughout summer! What are 8 reasons to grow Neon Spirea in your garden? Neon Spirea blooms gorgeous magenta clusters of flowers beginning in late Spring, and continuing throughout Summer! Neon Spirea are […]

Neon Spirea Shrub beginner gardener how to garden

A Perfect Day Lily! how to garden beginner gardener

Top 5 #LowMaintenance #Perennials! #flowers #shrubs

                            Are you looking for beautiful blooms that come back every year with little to no work? If so, we have good news for you! We have developed a list of our favorite perennials that give us great blooms year after year! […]

#Primrose Are Early #Spring #Flowers! #flower #flowerpower

                    Primrose are our favorite “no maintenance” flower! Here are 8 reasons to grow Primrose in your garden: Primrose bloom pretty flowers every Spring. They add a bright spot of color to your garden Primrose multiply are their own. You plant them once and they multiply […]

Pink Primrose [Photo Courtesy: www.lindasgarden_net]

Liriope how to garden beginner gardener

Why #Prune #Liriope in Early #Spring? #pruning #howtoprune

    Variegated Liriope is a perennial groundcover that provides interest year round. The spike leaves are light green and white in color. We have Variegated Liriope in our Front Sidewalk Garden. Why cut back Liriope in early Spring? It forces fresh, new growth! For beginner gardeners, Liriope is an excellent choice! It is a […]

#Spring Bearded #Irises on Parade! #flowerpower #flowers

      Believe it or not — Spring is just around the corner! It’s always darkest before the dawn, and we have experienced record cold temperatures, snow blizzards, and multiple snow/ice events. So our thoughts are turning to Spring. One of our most dependable perennials are Irises. Why Plant Irises? Irises bloom in the […]

Spring Brings Irises on Parade! how to garden beginner gardener

Front Sidewalk Garden how to garden beginner gardener

Front Sidewalk #Garden is #LowMaintenance! #gardening

  Our Front Sidewalk Garden includes Red Potted Geraniums, Japanese Wildflowers, Euonymus Shrub, Tall Arborvitae Evergreens, and Irises. In our birdbath, we placed Hens and Chicks succulent plants. The Front Sidewalk Garden is very low maintenance … we prune the Euonymus a couple of times per year to keep it small. The Japanese Wildflowers require […]

#Autumn #Landscape of #Trees #Shrubs & #Chrysanthemums!

The Early Fall Landscape It’s early Fall in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. and we have a landscape that is changing colors right before our eyes! From majestic trees like oak and maple, to barberry shrubs, and perennials such as Chrysanthemums, a kaleidoscope of colors has enveloped our garden! Oak trees provide the gold […]

Red Maple Tree in Autumn how to garden beginner gardener

Tropical Red Canna how to garden beginner gardener

5 Tips to Get #Tropical #Canna to Bloom Each Year! #flowers

    We have been waiting all summer for our Tropical Red Canna to bloom and it finally has! A beautiful red bloom tops the plant. Tropical plants like sun, water and humidity, so you wouldn’t think of them as perennials in the Mid-Atlantic area, but they can be … Here are 5 tips to […]

#Bees Love Blue Coreopsis #Shrub! #pollin8rchat #plantforbees

Blue Coreposis bush is a maintenance-free perennial! It blooms beautiful bright blue flowers in late summer through fall. It attracts butterflies and bees to your garden. It is very easy to maintain. Cut back hard in early spring with quality pruning shears such as Fiskars 25-33 Inch Power-Lever Extendable Hedge Shear (9169), and fertilize with […]

Blue Coreopsis Bush how to garden beginner gardener