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4 Reasons to #Grow Burning Bush! #autumn #landscape

It’s Fall in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. and our Burning Bush leaves are transitioning to red! Here are 4 reasons to grow Burning Bush in your landscape: Burning Bush is very easy to maintain. Just prune once per year to maintain shape. Burning Bush will give you brilliant red leaves in the Fall. […]

Burning Bush beginner gardener how to garden

Nellie Stevens Holly in Autumn how to garden beginner gardener

Nellie Stevens #Holly Ready 4 #Holidays! #holidayseason

  Our huge Nellie Stevens Holly is ready for the holidays! It’s sporting bright red berries and is standing 18 feet tall and 10 feet wide. We planted the holly about 10 yrs ago and it has grown fast and furious ever since! Hollies are broadleaf evergreens. They maintain their leaves throughout the year, so […]

Burning Bush #Red #Berries in #Autumn! #shrubs #shrub

  As I was recording a video of our Burning Bush, I noticed pretty red berries! I don’t know why I never noticed them before, but it was a delight to see them. Every year, we have Mockingbirds nest in our Burning Bush. I’m sure they are enjoying the berries. Yum Yum! It’s early Fall […]

Burning Bush beginner gardener how to garden