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Red #Roses & Sonata in Blue Bearded #Irises Share Spotlight!

      Due to cool and rainy Spring weather, our rosebush is much larger than usual. It is so large that it is crowding our Sonata in Blue Bearded Irises. The result is a stunning contrast of colors: red roses in the background and lavender Iris blooms in the foreground. We also love the […]

Red Roses & Sonata in Blue Bearded Iris how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening

Yellow Teacup Roses! beginner gardener how to garden

#Yellow Teacup #Roses in #Williamsburg #Virginia!

We are in Williamsburg Virginia, one of our favorite places! We have just finished breakfast and we are taking a walk to burn off some calories. We notice a row of beautiful rose bushes and stop to admire a yellow teacup rose bush! Williamsburg is in the southeastern region of Virginia and is nestled between […]