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#SummerParade of Gorgeous #Flowers! #garden #gardening

It is officially Summer in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A. and we have a bounty of gorgeous flowers joining our Summer Parade! White Four O’Clocks are the first to line up! The trumpet-like blooms open up in the evening … Yellow Four O’Clocks join White Four O’Clocks in our Summer Parade! Four O’Clocks Blooming […]

Summer Parade of Gorgeous Flowers! how to garden beginner gardener beginner gardening

Orange Zinnia Flower beginner gardener how to garden

Countdown to Big #Zinnia #Blooms! #flowers #flower

About 8 weeks ago, we sowed Zinnia seeds in small containers. They germinated within 7 days and grew to several inches tall within 3 – 4 weeks. At that point we began transplanting the seedlings to larger containers and in the ground. Every day or two, we check the Zinnias to see how they are […]

#ContainerGardening! #petunia #vinca #zinnia #flowers

We have a huge container of violet Petunias that return every year! We also have a gorgeous white Vinca that returned from last year! About 2 weeks ago, we transplanted 3 Zinnia seedlings to the container, and they are doing very well! We are looking forward to the Zinnia blooms very soon! It took about […]

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca how to garden beginner gardener

Shades of Peach how to garden beginner gardener

Orange #Flowers are the Best! #flower #orangeflowersarethebest

      We love shades of “orange” in our garden! The top left photo is multi-color Zinnias planted from seed Zinnias are very easy to grow. We just sprinkled the seeds in amended soil, and lightly sprayed with water everyday for a couple of weeks. We waited until late Spring so that the night-time […]