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Pretty in #Pink! #flowers

      We have lots of “Pretty in Pink” in our garden! The top left photo is a pot of pink impatiens. Impatiens like shade, so if you have a shady spot in your garden, they are perfect! For more information, photos, and videos on impatiens, click here.   The top right photo is […]

Pretty in Pink! how to garden beginner gardener

Cosmos how to garden beginner gardener

#Deadhead #Cosmos 4 Blooms Thru #Autumn! #prune #flowers

    Cosmos are annuals that bloom throughout Spring, Summer, and into Fall. They like full sun and attract butterflies. Prune or deadhead old blooms to keep cosmos blooming all season. For beginner gardeners, Cosmos are very easy to grow. Full sun is the key. Every few weeks, fertilize with an organic fertilizer such as […]

Why #Prune #Flowers? #flowerpower #flower #pruning

Removing old blooms will help annuals bloom continuously. Dead blooms steal nutrients from the plant, so pruning or deadheading, will keep the plant healthy and productive. Use a gardening tool, such as pruning shears (Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears (9109)), to remove the old blooms. Be sure to clean the pruning shears before starting, and […]

Red Salvia how to garden beginner gardener