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#Autumn Perfect Time to #Fertilize #Shrubs! #fertilizing #howtofertilize

                    Due to cooler temperatures, Fall is the perfect time to fertilize shrubs. Spirea shrubs are very easy to maintain. Snowmound Spirea is a medium-sized shrub that blooms in the Spring. They have small white blooms that look like a layer of snow has fallen on […]

Snowmound Spirea Blooms Look Like Snow! beginner gardener how to garden

Indian Chief Bearded Irises how to garden beginner gardener

4 Hot Bearded #Irises in Full Bloom! #springblossoms

  Why Plant Irises? Irises bloom in the spring and they love full sun! Their blooms are unique, with a colorful bloom on top and another bloom hanging at the bottom, hence “bearded” iris. Irises are very easy to maintain. How to Plant Irises The most important aspect of planting irises is they like for […]