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#Red #Flowers for Your #Valentine! #ValentinesDay

        Why wait until Valentine’s Day to show your significant other how much you love them? Make every day Valentine’s Day! Our collection of bright red flowers remind us that red is the color for love! Red is hot, bright, and eye-catching! Our top left flower in the collage is a perfect […]

Red Flowers for My Valentine! how to garden beginner gardening

Tropical Red Canna how to garden beginner gardener

5 Tips to Get #Tropical #Canna to Bloom Each Year! #flowers

    We have been waiting all summer for our Tropical Red Canna to bloom and it finally has! A beautiful red bloom tops the plant. Tropical plants like sun, water and humidity, so you wouldn’t think of them as perennials in the Mid-Atlantic area, but they can be … Here are 5 tips to […]