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How 2 Get #Free #Stonecrop #Sedum Every Year! #succulent

We love sedum plants because they are very easy to maintain; provide beautiful fall blooms, and interesting leaf textures and colors. Stonecrop Sedum has cobalt blue leaves with magenta blooms. The leaves feel good to the touch. If you lightly touch the leaves, they slightly tickle your hand! This is a perfect example of letting […]

2 Pots of Stonecrop Sedum how to garden beginner gardener

Container Gardening Petunias Zinnias Vinca how to garden beginner gardener

7 Tips to Get Free #Petunias Every Year! #petunia #flowers

  We live in the Mid-Atlantic area of the U.S.A. It rarely goes below 20 degrees in the winter. We have Petunias in containers that self-seed and return year after year! Here a 7 tips to get free Petunias every year: After the first hard frost, when the temperature goes below 32 degrees, do not […]