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5 Reasons to #Grow Tiger #Lilies! #flowers #flower

Tiger Lilies are among our favorite flowers. The big orange flowers brighten any garden! Here are 5 reasons to grow Tiger Lilies: They are very easy to grow. They multiply on their own. After they bloom there is no need to prune. They require very little maintenance. They provide a bright orange color in your […]

Heirloom Garden: Tiger Lilies beginner gardener how to garden

Side Garden (Burgundy Tea Herb, Yellow Lillies, Milkweed Bush, "Sonata in Blue" Bearded Iris, Red Roses, Golden Yarrow) how to garden beginner gardener

6 Steps to Prepare #Spring #Garden! #gardens #gardening

                      The pics show our Side Garden in late Spring to early Summer. As you may know, it takes some work to get there. The video below shows our Side Garden after a long, cold and snowy Winter. Below the video, we have 6 steps […]

#Heirloom #Garden: Bearded #Irises & Tiger #Lilies! #gardening

          We call this our “Heirloom Garden,” which is a combination of Bearded Irises and Tiger Lilies. The Irises and Tiger Lilies were transplanted from my Mom’s garden 15 years ago. Therefore, we call them our “heirloom” Irises and Tiger Lilies.The Bearded Irises are just starting to bloom. The Tiger Lilies […]

Bearded Iris beginner gardener how to garden