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Front Sidewalk Garden
Front Sidewalk Garden


Our Front Sidewalk Garden includes Red Potted Geraniums, Japanese Wildflowers, Euonymus Shrub, Tall Arborvitae Evergreens, and Irises. In our birdbath, we placed Hens and Chicks succulent plants. The Front Sidewalk Garden is very low maintenance … we prune the Euonymus a couple of times per year to keep it small. The Japanese Wildflowers require no maintenance at all. The Hens and Chicks succulent plants require no maintenance either. Notice the green and yellow color provided by the Euonymus Shrub and Japanese Wildflowers. The Euonymus Shrub has glossy green and yellow leaves, while the Japanese Wildflowers bloom pretty yellow flowers at night. Bonus tip for beginner gardeners: Filling your garden with low-maintenance perennials is an excellent way to invest in your garden and receive beautiful blooms and color year after year.

Front Sidewalk Garden (Magenta Mum Buds)
Front Sidewalk Garden (Magenta Mum Buds)

Japanese Wildflower - Yellow

Japanese Wildflowers bloom at night, but you can catch them early in the morning, you will be treated to dainty yellow flowers! The only maintenance for Japanese Wildflowers is to water them when they begin to droop, and they will bounce back quickly!

This view of the Front Sidewalk Garden shows the Magenta Mum beginning to bloom!

To learn more about pruning Mums to force Fall blooms, click here.

We placed pots of Red Geraniums in our Front Sidewalk Garden to add a bit of bright color. Unfortunately, the geraniums were planted too close to one another in the pot and began showing signs of powdery mildew. We used an organic solution to take care of it! See how in the following video …

We also have heirloom Bearded Irises in our Front Sidewalk Garden. Every now and then, if it’s been hot and dry for several days, I’ll water the Irises.

We also have Tiger Lilies mixed with the Bearded Irises. Tiger Lilies are also very low maintenance!

Check your local Home Depot, Lowes or online Burpee Gardening for their selection of shrubs, Geraniums, Bearded Irises, Tiger Lilies, and Chrysanthemums! To see more low-maintenance plants, watch our Low Maintenance Gardening playlist on YouTube! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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