Fertilize #Azaleas in #Autumn 4 Gorgeous #Spring #Flowers! #fertilizing

White Azaleas
White Azaleas



Fall is the perfect time to fertilize azaleas. The cooler temperatures enable to roots to absorb fertilizer without the stress of hot temps. Use a special fertilizer for acid-loving plants such as Espoma HT8 Holly-Tone 4-3-4, 8 Pounds. For beginner gardeners, azaleas can be tempermental. They like the right amount of sun, which is morning sun, or partial afternoon sun. Typically, they don’t like hot afternoon sun, unless they are slightly shaded by large trees like our Red Maple tree. If the leaves start to fade, they are getting too much sun.

white azaleas




Azaleas also like to stay hydrated. To learn 4 ways to know your plant needs water, click here. If you spot deer damage, use an excellent deer repellent such as Bobbex Deer Repellent 32 oz. Ready To Use Spray – B550110. To learn how to spot deer damage, click here. To learn how and when to prune azaleas, click here.

For more on fertilizing, watch our How to Fertilize playlist on YouTube! To see more gorgeous flowers, watch our Gorgeous Flowers playlist on YouTube! Check your local Home Depot, Lowes or online Burpee Gardening for their selection of Azaleas! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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