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Golden yarrow
Side Garden (Irises, Golden Yarrow)
Side Garden (Burgundy Tea Herb, Yellow Lillies, Milkweed Bush, "Sonata in Blue" Bearded Iris, Red Roses, Golden Yarrow)
Side Garden (Burgundy Tea Herb, Yellow Lillies, Milkweed Bush, “Sonata in Blue” Bearded Iris, Red Roses, Golden Yarrow)












The pics show our Side Garden in late Spring to early Summer. As you may know, it takes some work to get there. The video below shows our Side Garden after a long, cold and snowy Winter. Below the video, we have 6 steps to prepare your garden for Spring!


6 Steps to Prepare #Spring #Garden!

  1. Cut back and/or remove dead branches
  2. Remove dead leaves
  3. Pull weeds – It’s easy to see weeds in early Spring because there is little to no growth in your garden. Spot those pesky weeds and dig out the roots by clicking here.
  4. Amend soil – Early Spring is the perfect time to add nutrients to your soil. Depending on your zone and PH and type of soil, you may need to add peat moss and/or lime. We have clay soil so we always add peat moss and top soil. We try for a one-third split of our natural soil, top soil, and peat moss. For more on amending soil and planting, click here.
  5. Fertilize – To give dormant plants a little boost, early Spring is the right time to add a little fertilizer around the base of your plant. For more on how to fertilize, click here.
  6. Inspect for deer damage – Deer damage can be dificult to spot because it happens gradually over time. Deer nibble a little each night, until all of a sudden, you notice half of your plant is gone! For more on how to spot deer damage and what to do, click here.

For beginner gardeners, use your pruning shears to cut back dead branches. Some branches will easily pull by hand, but don’t harm the plant by yanking out any dead branches, cut them instead. Pick up or gently rake most of the dead leaves. We usually leave a few dead leaves on the ground because as they compost, they provide nutrients to the soil.

The visual of our Side Garden in Autumn is just as stunning!

To see the end result, watch our Pretty Flowers Playlist! Check your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, online Burpee Gardening or eBay for the garden tools, fertilizer, and soil you need to prepare your Spring garden! To learn how to plant, fertilize and prune your way to a gorgeous garden, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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