How to Transplant (Move) a #Tropical Canna! #flowers

Tropical Canna Leaves
Tropical Canna Leaves

We love Tropical Canna plants, which multiply on their own. One of our Cannas has grown in the middle of our Lady Friend Irises, so we are digging it up carefully, and moving it an empty spot in our Side garden.

Imagine beautiful flowers that you don’t have to pay for! Since Cannas multiply readily, you can dig them up and move them to other areas of your garden, for free!

We are very careful when digging up plants. We have to gently move the soil and cut through the roots with a sharp garden tool such as Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade (9667). For smaller plants, use a sharp garden tool such as Fiskars Big Grip Trowel (7073).

After digging up the plant, we protect the rootball, and quickly plant the Canna in the new hole. We try to incorporate soil from the old hole into the new hole so that the Canna feels at home.

For beginner gardeners, transplanting a large plant can be a bit of a challenge. The key is to protect the rootball, and water immediately after planting. Continue to water for 7 days after transplanting, which gives the roots a chance to get established. To learn more about transplanting, watch our How to Transplant playlist on YouTube! Check your local Home Depot, Lowes, online Burpee Gardening or eBay for their selection of Yucca plants!

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